scared-pets2While fireworks are fun for humans, the loud and unexpected sounds of fireworks can cause stress and anxiety for lots of pets. 

It is important to remember that pets who have never been bothered by fireworks before can suddenly develop phobias, especially as they age.


Some signs that your pet is stressed/scared are obvious to owners, such as:

  • Shaking or trembling
  • Destructive behaviours or attempting to escape
  • Feed your pet a good meal well before the fireworks begin
  • Agitation - pacing, twitching, inability to settle down
  • Vocalisation - whining, barking, howling
  • Hiding


Some signs of stress can be less obvious though such as:

  • Unusually calm or depressed behaviour and movement
  • Frequent panting or licking of the lips
  • Toileting inside


Pair of cute guinea pigsRemember too that it isn’t just cats and dogs that get scared during fireworks.

If you have pocket pets outside in cages, please turn them to face a wall and cover them up or bring them inside if you can.


  • Ensure your pet is wearing a collar and tag and that their microchip details are up to date
  • Take your dog for a walk before the fireworks begin
  • Feed your pet a good meal well before the fireworks begin
  • Bring your pets indoors before the fireworks begin. Close windows, curtains, doors and doggie doors
  • Provide “white noise” such as the tv, radio or other music. Start this before the fireworks begin
  • Make sure your pet has a “safe place” to go to if he’s distressed – under your bed, in his bed etc.
  • Stay home with your pet but do not over comfort them. Act as you normally would
  • Try desensitising with food/distraction techniques – giving treats during the fireworks
  • Helpful products like Adaptil can take the edge off their anxiety
  • If you cannot keep them inside, ensure that the yard is secure – padlocked gates, nothing near fences that they can climb on and check for loose palings, holes etc. and that they have a safe spot to hide like a kennel with plenty of bedding to snuggle into
  • If your pets are being looked after while you are away, write a letter. Include your contact details and a copy of ID so if your pet does end up in the pound, whoever is looking after them may be able to collect.


  • Do not leave these preventative measures until the last minute. Plan and be organised
  • Do not act any differently towards your pet during the fireworks. Stay calm. If your pet feels that you are worried about them, this may reinforce their fear
  • Do not underestimate your dog. They can do unbelievable things when panicked


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